About Us

The founder and head instructor at Let’s Go Paragliding, Benoit Bruneau, has been teaching others about the fascinating and challenging sport of paragliding since 1999. He is certified by the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, as well as its Canadian and French equivalents and was named the United State’s instructor of the year in 2010.


“I have always found it exhilarating to help people discover new ways to enjoy life and forget the stresses of daily living through outdoor activities,” says Benoit. “In particular, paragliding allows us to not only achieve an understanding and respect for our environment but also to achieve the ultimate dream: the ability to fly!”

Benoit Bruneau’s love of the sport led him to open Let's Go Paragliding School in Mount Brace Flight Park near Millerton, New York.

Then Let's Go Paragliding moved to Colorado in June 2017.


- USHPA article January 2011

What we are proud of:
  • Exceptional leadership - Our founder, Benoit Bruneau, is United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding    Association’s 2010 Instructor of the Year.
  • Top Notch programing - Our programs were developed for paragliders at all levels by highly educated and qualified instructors.
  • High-quality equipment - Whether you just want to have fun or be the best, use the best equipment. We offer our student pilots streamlined technology from the most trusted brands in paragliding equipment.
  • A location to delight - High in the Appalachian Mountains, Mount Brace Flight Park entices visitors to enjoy several adventure sports while taking in stellar views of the Catskills

Our online store

Proper paragliding equipment is essential for safe, successful flights, so Benoit and his team have dedicated themselves to teaching students on the latest equipment in the market and assisting them in making educated purchases. The online store is full of high-quality products and brands for the avid paraglider pilots to know and love.