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A Great Paragliding School Can Make A Big Difference – We Can Help

Now that you’ve read more about paragliding, paragliding lessons and the introduction day that we at Let’sGoParagliding offer, you might be thinking of shopping around for schools and programs to help you get started on your paragliding adventure. This is great. One of the most important things when you’re learning any kind of extreme sport…
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Who We Are

Before you decide that you want any kind of paragliding lessons, you want to know who your instructors are. You want to know that they are good at what they do and that you’re going to be safe and learn as much as possible. We get this and that’s why at LetsGoParagliding, we provide many…
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Paragliding – Is It Safe?

One thing that many people who are considering trying paragliding often ask is: “Is it safe?” The answer might not be as simple as you would like, but it goes something like this: Paragliding is safe if: Maybe the best way to explain if paragliding is safe is to start out by saying when it’s…
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What exactly is Paragliding?

    People often ask “What is paragliding exactly?”  Sometimes, you’ll get the: “Oh!  That’s where you’re pulled along behind the boat, right?”  Other times, you might get a blank stare when you talk about this amazing extreme sport.   For those who do it, there is nothing quite like it and for those that haven’t…
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The Evolution of Paragliding

Many people know what paragliding is, but it might take some time to get past the “cousins” of this sport that include hang gliding and parasailing before the sport of paragliding is really understood. Once a person understands that paragliding is much like being attached to a kite that they control, the concept is much…
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