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"Our goal is to create harmony between the pilot, his gear, and the flying conditions."

Let's Go Paragliding LLC is a full-service paragliding store in Coloradoo

Award-winning instructor offering high-quality equipment sales, including the best brands available on the market. Since 2008, we have provided safe and effective lessons and personalized advice on all equipment purchases. Come fly with us!

Dreaming of taking flight?

Let's Go Paragliding is an online store offering high quality customer service, and high quality equipment sales.

John BreenHappy pilot

I am 58, paragliding was not what I would have envisioned I would be participating in. Consequently, the selection of a competent, experienced instructor was very important. Don't just sign in and hope you get the right instructor. Please consider your selection wisely. You have a lot at stake. Incidentally, I drive from NH to Brace in New York to attend his school because of his skills.

So I checked it out, I found Benoit to be that person. He is a teacher and a pilot and patient. Some people fly well but cannot teach; you need both. So now almost a year later and a flying trip to Utah, I feel comfortable and able because of his ability.

Hope to see you on launch


Paragliding is an adventure sport for adrenaline enthusiasts of all kinds. Pilots sit in harnesses below a large wing and navigate their...

Paragliding lessons

Colorado Paragliding Online store. We were founded by paragliding expert Benoit Bruneau to offer personalized flight education and instruction to paragliders of all skill...


high quality customer service, and high quality equipment sales.


Benoit Bruneau at http://letsgoparagliding.com is my first choice for paragliding supplies. I have placed several orders over the past year and have... More...

Thank you Deor
I am glad you like the glider.

Fly safe !


Benoit muchas gracias was a pleasure to know you and guide me from gear that I need, and so to advise me to go and found and instructor and get my bud... More...

The first step of a thousand-mile journey, I took it by buying the book "PARAGLIDING A PILOT'S TRAINING MANUAL" and to my surprise having the staff at... More...

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