Novice Program

The P2 program is valid for one calendar year, so that you can learn at your own pace. All flights are done with the latest equipment. You will be under radio supervision at all times when flying, and to make it safer and easier we’ll use the winch.

The P2 Program is designed to teach you the skills necessary to inflate, ground handle and control your glider, and eventually fly solo without direct instructor supervision (with certain limitations).

It’s a fun and safe path to progressively become an accomplished novice pilot.

The cost of the P2 program is $1695, and includes:

» 10 full days of instruction or until signed off as a Novice pilot (P2) – whichever comes first.
The students have one full calendar year to complete the 10 days
— Some students take less than 10 days to be signed off as a novice pilot.
— Some students who are really committed and have an easy schedule manage to finish their certification in a few weeks
— some students going trough the intensive program can finish their certification in a week (7 days in a row) if the weather cooperate.

» Use of all necessary equipment (glider, harness, helmet, and radios).

You need to bring:

» Hiking boots, light gloves, sunglasses, long pants, a long sleeved shirt, and water.

» Students that require additional beyond 10 days to become certified can purchase training sessions at a cost of $95/ half day.

» Please note that you will need to join the the Mt. Brace Flight Park at your expense as well as the USHPA..

You can learn more about becoming a pilot here:

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