Paragliding books and DVD

The paragliding community evolved a lot and we have access to great books and DVD made by professionals from the sport.

When you become a paraglider pilot it is very important to understand how the wing is flying and how it is affected by the surroundings. Also, since we are evolving in a constantly changing environment 


Art-Of-Paragliding-Book by Dennis Pagen

The Art of Paragliding by Dennis Pagen

This is a reference book and a well-known paragliding manual around the world. It explains in detail step-by-step training method with the latest techniques based on  the USHGA training program. Whether you are discovering paragliding or already flying but get  deeper knowledge and polish your skills, this book is sure to provide a goldmine of information.

understanding the sky

Probably the best desription of micrometeorology of air masses and clouds necessary for efficent soaring flight

Column 1


Understanding the sky by Dennis Pagen

A pilot needs to understand the ways of the sky to fly successfully and safely.

A guide  for Balloonist, Rc Modelers, Parachutists, Hang Glider, Paraglider, and Sailplane Pilots. 

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