A beautiful day going paragliding with buddies

The season started with great vibes. We already have novice pilots making mountain flights and soars with our local friends, the vultures.

That day from the video we managed to hike twice to the top of Mount Brace and do two beautiful flights.

When all the elements are present—the sun is here but not too hot, the wind is blowing in the right direction at the right intensity, a group of friends is around to share the hike and flight—those kinds of days are just worth all the effort and investment we've made to get there.

Of course becoming a paragliding pilot and being able to enjoy that kind of day requires a bit of time and effort as in any sport. You don't go on double black–diamond ski runs on your first day. That wouldn't be a smart move.

Paragliding is similar; it takes some time on a training hill with an instructor to master basic skills to control the paraglider in a different kind of air (turbulent or laminar), and velocity (from 0 to 15+ mph).

When your launching technique is under control, landing into the wind softly is another skill to master.

When your ground skills, take off, and landing are controlled, then comes the big picture—the big playground. It's similar to learning scuba diving in a swimming pool and then being ready to jump out into the big ocean.

At Mount Brace, even after your Novice certification, you will fly under the supervision of an "Observer" (a more advanced pilot) who will act like a big brother, helping you make the right choices depending on the weather conditions.

It also takes time to see the big picture, understand the wind, the turbulences, reading the clouds, and riding thermals. So having somebody more experienced to guide you through the process is a must for a long and safe pilot life.

But once you get there, then the kind of days that look like the one in the video are rewards that make all the previous efforts worth it when you take into account the experience you get in return.

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