The Altitude and Comfort of Strike Competition Paragliding Harness


If you’ve been waiting to take your paragliding height and comfort to entirely new levels, you definitely need to check out the revolutionary Hike & Fly Competition paragliding harness. It’s the perfect paragliding equipment for the days when you’re doing exactly what the name reads – hiking and flying, but it gets much more elaborate than that. So, it’s time get excited and learn why this new paragliding harness is being talked about across the industry.


The Hiking Benefit

Climbing to a high elevation to take flight can be a difficult task if you don’t have the proper paragliding gear. With a heavy harness, you’ll be out of breath well before the flight takes your breath away. This is why it’s a huge benefit to have a lightweight harness when you have to do a bit of hiking first.


The Strike Hike & Fly Competition harness isn’t just lightweight though – it’s super lightweight. The medium and large sizes weight approximately 2,140g with all the accessories bundled in. If you were to remove the seat plate and back protection, it would be a mere 1,460g. So, needless to say, hiking to the peak to set flight in the sky is incredibly easy with this paragliding harness.


The Comfort Benefit26153825890_3cf12ec172_k

If the lightweight elements weren’t enough to get you completely hooked on this paragliding harness, the comfort certainly will. The Strike Hike & Fly competition harness was designed with you in mind. You just step-through into the split-leg design and you’re ready. The seat plate is removable, and all of the straps are adjustable to ensure your comfort for a flight duration of your choice. It’s so comfortable; you might not ever want to come down. But as you already know, as an avid paraglider, deciding to bring a flight to an end is always a tough decision to make!


The Flying Benefit


The Strike Hike & Fly Competition Harness sets you up in an upright position. You sit partially reclined, and can truly just sit back and enjoy your adventure through the clouds. If you’re not a fan of having your feet dangling, like to feel more secured with a harness that surrounds you, or simply want to kick your feet up and fly, this is definitely a paragliding harness worth checking out. You’ll feel incredibly comfortable, relaxed and connected to the wing as you take your paragliding aspirations to new heights.

Of course, your safety is first in mind with this paragliding harness as well. It’s EN certified, and has an LFT certification being processed.


Shop all of your needs at Paragliding Equipment, and if you have any questions – just ask the paragliding pros at Let’s Go Paragliding. You’ve got the questions and we’ve got the answers.




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