5 Epic Paragliding Videos to Check Out

As an avid paragliding enthusiast, you probably love checking out other people’s adventures. Even if you have yet to soar the sky in a paraglide, you just can’t deny how awesome it must be to literally fly. Paragliding videos are an excellent way to take a look at this adrenaline-rushing sport, and there’s no denying that you’ll want to sign up for our paragliding lessons after checking the following videos out. Here are our top picks for epic paragliding videos.


Flying in Florida

This paragliding video is from our own collection, and it’s definitely a must-see. The sun began to set during flight, and it’s truly a stunning view that very few people get to see. The landscape is just incredible.


A New Perspective

We really like this video from EasyGliderful because it shows a unique perspective to paragliding. Instead of viewing the flight as if you were in the flying-seat, you get to see what it looks like if you were up there in the sky, paragliding with someone else. This is a really cool video and will certainly entice your paragliding aspirations.


Start to Finish

This paragliding video from Luu is an excellent one to check out if you want to see the entire paragliding process. The video shows the paraglider’s hiking to their spot, taking flight and soaring the skies.

Mount Brace on 4th of July

This is another clip from the Let’s Go Paragliding video collection, and it’s stunning. Take a look and you’ll see both photos and video from a soaring height that is just memorizing to watch.

GoPro Production

This paragliding video from GoPro is really well put together and it’s absolutely mesmerizing. The paragliders take a hot air balloon before leaping off. However, it’s important to note that this isn’t standard paragliding procedures. Usually, the wing is completely inflated before taking flight, but it looks like these paragliders got a little innovative.


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