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You can check the Let’s Go Paragliding videos collection, but this video gives a good overview of what we offer.  Everyone dreams of being able to fly at least once in their lifetime, but very few realize that you can fly. You just need to take some paragliding lessons. However, if this adrenaline-rushing sport has you feeling a little intimidated, and you’re not sure what to expect, let this paragliding video give you a good look at some of the class activities.


From the Ground

The first paragliding classes start on the training hill. However, it doesn’t take long before you’re able to get your feet off the ground and make launch. Of course, you won’t be flying to all kinds of altitudes, but you will get a feeling for paragliding and the entire launching process. This paragliding video also shows you some excellent techniques of doing just that.


Being Towed

There’s always the option of being towed within your paragliding lessons. These are typically incorporated when you’ve perfected your launch and understand some paragliding techniques, but don’t have the experienced needed to experience higher mountain flying. Being towed is an exciting milestone within your paragliding training because you get an authentic feeling of flying. I allow you to make more flights in a day, creating a routine, and setting up good reflexes. You’re up in the sky, controlling your wing all on your own (under radio supervision).This paragliding video shows you how fun this portion of your paragliding training is.


Taking Flight

Now, we know you’re eager to get off the tow and set your soaring aspirations to all new heights. Everyone is! But you will only be able to do so once you pass several levels of paragliding lessons, and have perfected the necessary skills to paragliding. However, watching this video can be the ultimate way to keep you motivated throughout your training, while also reminding you of the end goal. Plus, the scenery is astonishing. You just can’t go wrong.

As you increase your paragliding experience, you will quickly see that every level of paragliding is fun. You learn new things every day, and it just gets better as you hike up the ladder to achieving your desired pilot license.

Are you ready? Head on over to Let’s Go Paragliding and sign up for some lessons! You don’t have just to sit at home and watch other people paragliding and the beautiful sights they see. You can achieve it too!

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