Paragliding tips, pilot secrets, paragliding lessons

Paragliding Tips for Take Off

You’re ready for take off, but wait! There are some paragliding tips every pilot should know before their feet leave the ground. While there’s no way you should be taking your glider out without having these take off tips embedded into your brain, sometimes a little refresher is needed.

However, if any of these paragliding tips and pilot secrets come to you as a surprise, it’s time for you to check back in for some paragliding lessons. Otherwise, let’s start soaring.



The Ideal Implementation

Paragliding tips, pilot secrets, paragliding lessons

Think like a torpedo; act like a torpedo; be a torpedo. The ideal take off consists of your hands back, glider inflated directly above your head with your body ready to be lifted up and forwards. It’s somewhat similar to that of a torpedo, as you lean into your paragiding harness with a slight bend at your hips. Your hands don’t have to be at your side, and some pilots prefer to have them raised at chest level, but the perfect launch is all about the lean.

That means that you’re not running into the wind and jumping off a cliff. Instead, the launch has a lot to do with the positioning of your body. You had to lean slightly so you can maintain constant and gradual speed during take off. Your head should be help up, looking forward instead of looking down at the ground, which is a pilot skill that can take some time getting used to.


Now, it’s time for some pilot secrets for take off.


Use Your Body Instead of Brakes

As an amateur paraglider, you’ll be tempted to use your brakes whenever you feel a pull. However, as you progress through your paragliding lessons and perfect your skills, you’ll quickly learn how to use your body and shoulders to make minor corrections as needed during take off. This is one of the best paragliding tips to have, as using your brakes excessively during launch can interrupt the airflow, making it more difficult to get your feet off the ground.

Paragliding tips, pilot secrets, paragliding lessons

Move Under the Wing, Not Away From It

The main thing you need to remember when taking off is that your glider must be directly above you to ensure a smooth lift. When using your body to maneuverer with the wind, it’s crucial that you move under the wind and not away from it, as this will cause the glider to be slightly behind or in front of you. This will result in a jolty, less-controlled launch, which is never ideal. So, keep your body centered under your wing at all times.


Say No To Distractions

It takes a lot of self awareness when launching your paraglider. You need to be aware of your body at all times, your wings position, how the air is flowing, and so much more. There’s a lot that you have to pay attention to, all at the same time, and even the smallest of distractions can throw your launch into a tailspin. So, don’t only practice your paragliding skills and execute these paragliding tips, but don’t forget to exercise your brain as well. Yoga and meditation classes can be excellent for getting your brain and body working together, while also teaching you to free your mind of distractions.


The pilot secrets and paragliding tips don’t end there, but these are some unique take off tips that can help you become the paraglider you want to be. To perfect or increase your pilot skills, join some new paragliding lessons and remember to practise!


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