Intensive Training

If you want to learn how to fly on an accelerated timetable, the Intensive Training Program is the most efficient way to go. Accelerated does not mean less effective, but rather more instruction with less interruption.

5 days program to learn to fly in a shorter time.This program takes 5 consecutive days (weather permitting) and is likely the quickest and most efficient way to work toward your P2 (Novice) pilot’s license. This European-style program allows you to immerse yourself in the sport without major interruption, so you’ll be able to maximize your learning curve.

» Please note that additional training days are typically required to fully complete the P2 pilot certification.

The cost of the Intensive Training program is $2100* and includes:

» Use of all necessary equipment (glider, harness, helmet, and radios).
» unlimited use of scooter tow.

You need to bring:
» Hiking boots, light gloves, sunglasses, long pants, a long sleaved shirt, and water.
» Please note that you will need to join the United State Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association, as well as the Mt. Brace Flight Club, at your expense.