Thank you for visiting our paragliding videos page. 

Those videos are made to give you a better idea of what to expect when you enroll in one of our programs. We are very motivated to share our passion but we are also very serious about the safety. We have a lot of students who became extremely good pilots over the years. And by joining our efforts with the Mount Brace Flight Park, and the Mount Brace Outdoor club, we are proud to have developed over the last 10 years a very safe and friendly flying community.

This a typical training session during the paragliding P2 program

After mastering the basic skills the Novice pilots are doing their first Mountain Flight

During the P2 program we do a lot of towing.

It's a very safe and efficient way to learn paragliding quickly.

Below is a typical summer towing session.

Learning paragliding is a process that require repetitions.It's by repeating the same gestures (IE: Takeoff, Landing, Approaches), that you can master the sport and enjoying safely the thrill of flying.At Let's Go Paragliding we use a winch that allow us to make multiple flights per student in one session.So our students have a steady, fast but safe learning curve.We just love our job! We love to share our passion!

Below is a quick look at our most popular introduction day. During that day, the students learn to control the paraglider over their head, and after a few hours start to make their own flight from our training hills.

This is a quick overview of a beginner training flight during his P2 program.

Paramotor trip in Florida