All instructional fees are non-refundable, including all lessons. 

The deposit for the introduction day can be refunded if we have to cancel because of the weather on our part. On the customer part we request a 48 hours cancellation notice to refund the deposit.

The P2 program is a 10 days program valid for 1 calendar year.( From January 1st to December 30th). Even if you enroll in January the validity of the program is still 10 days until December 30th.

We added the December 30th date to make sure student are comitted.

  • First because this program offer a lot of flexibility for everybody schedule
  •  it is important when you start paragliding to commit and make sure your sessions are as close as possible from each other to maintain good skill and good safety. Randomly doing 1 session per month or more can lower the safety level, so that's the reason we want people who enroll in our program to commit to it.

The introday cost is $195, the P2 program $1695 (valid until december 30th of the year it started)

$1695 is the discounted price for one payment in full, paid by the day lessons are $250 per day.​

The program is designed to help people to get their certification. But does not guaranty the certification. Somme people manage to get certified in 7 days, some need more than 10 days (additional days are charged $125 per extra days after the 10 days program)

The student is responsible for scheduling his sessions by contacting us by email (more efficient than phone). We are available every times the weather cooperates. (Unless rare exceptions). 

All instructional fees and Gift Certificates are valid for one year.

Our school Policy may change at any time without notice.​