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Letsgoparagliding - Paragliding School | Online store
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by Deor Jenson on Letsgoparagliding - Paragliding School | Online store

Benoist Bruneau at http://letsgoparagliding.com is my first choice for paragliding supplies. I have
placed several orders over the past year and have always received personal and excellent
customer service. For big-ticket items, precautions are taken to confirm my ID and verify that nobody is making unauthorized use my credit card.

The items I have ordered have been packed securely and shipped promptly. Each package has included a hand-written done from Benoist thanking me for my business and offering continued service.

Benoit, thanks again for your exceptional customer service and attention to detail.

Deor Jenson

Thank you Deor
We appreciate your business

Fly safe!

by Yordankys on Letsgoparagliding - Paragliding School | Online store

Benoit muchas gracias was a pleasure to know you and guide me from gear that I need, and so to advise me to go and found and instructor and get my bud in the air, muchas gracias amigo desde Miami. Yordankys your Cuban brother from another mother

by raymundo castaneda on Letsgoparagliding - Paragliding School | Online store

The first step of a thousand-mile journey, I took it by buying the book "PARAGLIDING A PILOT'S TRAINING MANUAL" and to my surprise having the staff at Letsgoparagliding sent my book right away, days before the scheduled date, but most important I received a thank you note from Benoist, believe it or not, this genuine interest in customer by the owner of a business is a rarity especially in this times of eCommerce . I will definitively come back to shop with Benoist as I advance in the sport.

by Norm on Letsgoparagliding - Paragliding School | Online store

Started my training at age 60. Benoit and his instructors are very knowledgeable and patient. The school setting is beautiful and well suited for the various facets of training.

by John on Letsgoparagliding - Paragliding School | Online store

You want to do this right? Train with Benoit. I started when I was 57, he was the person I trust and still do at 62. Train / Fly with the best!

by Gerry Lempicki on Letsgoparagliding - Paragliding School | Online store

Since I just passed the 3 year anniversary of my paragliding experience which started with Benoit at letsgoparagliding.com, I feel compelled to post this warning: Exposure to paragliding has proven to be addictive. Such activity can lead to drastic changes in lifestyle, interests, and career goals. 🙂
In all seriousness, I started with Benoit after viewing several schools and training options. Since I was starting at the past midlife age of 48, my risk tolerance was low (or as low as it can be for one wanting to try paragliding). Benoit was very focused on safety, had several training hill options to accommodate different wind directions, and had some tow winches that I thought would get me more airtime. In retrospect, I am very happy and believe I made the best choice. At this point I am completely addicted to paragliding...it is hopeless.
Thanks Benoit, thanks a lot!
P.S. I have also purchased 3 paragliders, a harness, vario, reserve, etc (all the goodies) from his store and have been happy with his service.

by Cathleen on Letsgoparagliding - Paragliding School | Online store

When I came to Benoit for instruction I was already a P2 with about 15 hours of airtime and dozens of flights, but my fundamental skills were lacking and my launches were especially weak. Since I've been working with him toward my P3 (starting April 2014) I feel that my skills have improved substantially, as has my confidence on launch and in the air. I am particularly pleased with Benoit's focus on safety: he not only assures that his students have a solid foundation in technique but in good judgment. Finally Benoit's advice about my equipment has been on target and I feel that my gear now suits my needs perfectly. I look forward to continue my training with him.

by Eduardo Mayorga on Letsgoparagliding - Paragliding School | Online store

I took my introduction lesson. Benoit is very knowledgeable and patient instructor. I strongly recommend this school

by Donald Jacobson on Letsgoparagliding - Paragliding School | Online store

I got my P2 in 2008, my P3, with the help of Benoit in 2010. To this day, at the end of 2012, Benoit is there with helpful advice for all who need it, every time I fly at Mt Brace. He takes great interest in assisting all of his former students, helping us become better pilots year after year.

by Kent Wien on Letsgoparagliding - Paragliding School | Online store

I just finished my P2 program with Benoit.

Having been around aviation most of my life, I've had a number of flight instructors help me to advance. Benoit has probably been my favorite. His sense of humor and critique is spot on. His comments and training are specifically tailored to your flying skill and understanding at that moment. Each time he spoke, I got something out of his critique.

His equipment is very recent and he has a few 'mini wings' that he uses when the wind is too strong to kite with the big gliders. These mini wings helped me to really understand kiting. At one point he even set up an obstacle course, complete with benches and cones to make the kiting more difficult when he noticed I was feeling a little too comfortable.

His prices on gliders and equipment seem to run about 5% or so better than anywhere else I've seen. You'll want to buy from him as you near the end of your P2 anyway, as it's a great way to support your instructor and he simply knows what glider and harness would likely work best for you.

There isn't a less expensive way to get into the air than paragliding, and from my experience, there isn't a more enjoyable way to fly. Benoit was a big part of making it so enjoyable. He's also conservative when it comes to the weather, flying conditions and your skill level. When he says you're ready to move to the next step, you will be.

If you are thinking about doing a tandem flight, I would highly suggest you skip it and go with a similarly priced intro day. You'll get more out of it and, believe it or not, it's incredibly safe as you're going to be kiting and probably be flying a few short flights from the training hill. Tandem is watching while the intro day is DOING.

Finally, you just can't beat the low cost of owning a paraglider. I store mine in a closet in Manhattan. A far cry from the $400 a month hangar fees for an airplane. And this little glider is simply more fun than an airplane ever was for me.

One other note, be prepared to wait out a few days when the wind conditions just aren't the right direction. You might be able to spend a day kiting instead, and that experience will prove vital to your skills. That's one of the reasons I feel I've earned something so meaningful in the P2 program. It took some patience and some work. And it's a great way to get into shape!

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